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The Apple of Discord is written and drawn by Adam Smithee, aka Me.

I am one of the surviving residents of Wilmington, Ohio, a town which is gradually turning to dust following the single largest employeer (DHL) suddenly leaving town in 2008 and putting several thousand residents out of work.  I bought my house here about 2 weeks before DHL announced they were leaving, and will likely have it paid off sometime by the year 2100.

While I credit myself as the “author and artist” of The Apple of Discord, it’s a fair warning that I am NOT an artist in any professional sense.  I’m not one of these art school “practicing on this webcomic so that eventually I can go off and make a real comic beloved by millions and money will rain down on me and my unicorn” types… I’ve had no formal training, aside from being subjected to pop culture and the occasional museum.  I did by a “how to draw” book once, got half way through the first section, and gave up.  So while I may occasionally make art, it’s usually just a result of me being lazy, given the picture-to-word conversion ratio (1 picture = 1,000 words).  Granted, my pictures aren’t so hot, so I usually only manage to get 500-750 words out of the average one.

I was/am a professionally trained video engineer and remote production specialist who has been “out of work” in that profession since the mid-2000′s.  I now ride a desk doing technical support on 3rd shift, with the resulting isolation, disruption of sleep, and general stress being some of the fuel that The Apple of Discord is powered by.

After having had created – and subsequently failed at – several webcomics in the past (see below) I decided in 2008 to take all that I’d learned… as well as ample portions of love, hate, frustration, anger, sorrow, and insanity that I had built up about comics in general… and funnel them into a webcomic-like format that might possibly pass as a comic to those who did not understand what webcomics were “supposed to be”.  The Apple of Discord is the end result.

I have a soft spot for bad or failing webcomics, as I have had several of my own over the past decade.  The most notable of my previous failures was a once-a-day sprite comic that ran for over 2 years non-stop.  Despite making it entirely out of original hand-drawn sprites (and occasional drawings) and promoting the hell out of it, neither it nor I ever found any love in the webcomic world.  Not that I’m bitter.  No sir.

In addition to work and the comic, I DO have a life – a wife, a fairly new baby (born 8/09), friends, and various hobbies.  I collect giant robots (think Voltron toys) and I also build MST3K-style bots in my spare time (see the Gallery-> Bot Building section for more).









Also, Adam Smithee is not my real name.