The Apple of Discord is taking a break while I come up with new and
interesting stuff. In the meantime, I STRONGLY recommend you check out my
Fantasy Parody Epic, Apple Valley and my brand new 5-day a week humorous
expose of the dark underbelly of the Webcomic world, Webcomic Hell.


So what the hell is going on exactly?

Well, it goes a little like this… back in 2008, The Apple of Discord was created as a singular webcomic that also contained many different “subcomics” like Gayzilla, How NOT To, and Apple Valley. Over the next few years, Apple Valley grew and grew until in 2010, it was large enough that it had to break away from The Apple of Discord and set up shop elsewhere to keep it and AoD from suffocating one another.

Unfortunately, removing Apple Valley left several problems – first and foremost, it left an “Apple Valley” shaped hole in AoD, meaning that the nearly 400-comic archives dropped to under 300, and that large segments of in-comic continuity were broken up between two sites. It also created a logistical nightmare – the random joke-a-day comic was still called The Apple of Discord, while the comic actually ABOUT The Apple of Discord was Apple Valley. All of those combined, however, were easily dwarfed by the biggest problem of them all; with two comics to tend to (and two sites to design and then maintain), there had to be cutbacks. While the plan had originally been to balance the two comics, AoD dropped from three a week to two a week… then one a week, then one every other week if at all.

For all intent purposes, The Apple of Discord was a dead (or at least very hiatused) webcomic, even if I myself refused to see and admit it.

Right, but… what the hell is going on?

Like that one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where they’re positioned above that black hole thingy, unable to escape and repeatedly being destroyed every time they try to escape their destiny, the only way for The Apple of Discord to return was for it to DIE. And what better day to call it quits than the day it began, on April Fool’s Day? It may seem like a cruel joke (and to be fair, it wouldn’t be the first joke I’ve played on and at my reader’s expense), but there’s also a fair bit of symbolism there.

No, really.

Anyway, The Apple of Discord has finally completed the journey that it began a few months ago: a new website of my own evil design, focused on the funny, a renewed promise to update the comic regularly (current goal is at least one a week, updating Friday), and finally… a new name.

Just like Apple Valley didn’t really BECOME Apple Valley until it was it’s own comic after being pulled from AoD, the thing created today is really a new new comic born of the remains of AoD. Will all the same crazy crap you’ve come to expect from AoD be present in the new and improved Webcomic Hell? Probably, but I don’t know. It’s a journey… and while I don’t know what road we’ll be taking, I can promise that, at the very least, it’ll be going further down the spiral.