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Harry Potter: Year Eight

Giant RobotsHarry Potter

This came about after a challenge a good friend levied at me… nearly a decade ago.  I said I could come up with a “Giant Robot” version of anything she mentioned.  She mentioned Harry Potter.  Over the next two hours, I laid out an entire universe where, instead of all the stuff we know happened, there were Giant Robots.  Voldemort uses his magic to make monsters and send them after Harry at Hogwarts – Harry responds by casting “Deus Ex Machina!” and summoning forth the legendary guardian beasts from Hogwarts castle.

The Express can also form it’s own giant robot.

I had held off on sharing this bit of info, because as I indicated it was really more of a plot outline than it was a fully fleshed out story… but… well, it’s my birthday on Monday, and I do love Giant Robots, so I figured I’d go ahead and share.

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