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Warning Signs


In case you’ve missed the kerfuffle (which is totally a real word, I just checked) the buzz on Twitter last night was that your Zodiac Sign is all wrong.  Or isn’t.  The whole thing is sorta a mess, really.

Here’s a news article - start here, and be prepared to go down the rabbit hole.  Since the Earth wobbles, the Zodiac signs change, and we’ve been miscalculating them for so long that we’ve even picked up a thirteenth sign we didn’t have before (or did, ask the Babylonians) called Orph Orf  Orvi Serpenterea, aka The Guy in His Bathrobe with a Snake.

The ultimate rub is, after reading all this, eventually you’ll find the real truth – this only applies to the Sidereal Zodiac, which is only used in Eastern cultures (and then, not consistently) and not the Tropical Zodiac, like is used in the Western world.  So… the entire thing is essentially non-applicable.  Cheers.

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