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The Cookie Has Crumbled

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Honestly, what I’m really mad about is that I can’t get the Girl Scout Cookies I want here in this are anymore.  A few years back one of the two different troops that inhabit this area picked up a new cookie type called “Lemonades” – think the old GS animal cookies or the more recent “Thanks-a-Lots” cookies, only with a yellow lemony-flavoried icing on the back instead of chocolate.

This year, however, apparently due to regional gerrymandering and internal suyper-serious Girlscout politics, the girls in this area no longer have Lemonades – and now the hunt is on to figure out where I CAN order them from.

Help would be appreciated.

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  • Yeah, London is so damn expensive, which is why I’ve only vtiesid about three times in three years…Nice photos – I do believe I’ve got a picture of the Calvin sign outside Gosh Comics on my blog somewhere!Can’t wait for the book!!

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