The Apple of Discord is taking a break while I come up with new and
interesting stuff. In the meantime, I STRONGLY recommend you check out my
Fantasy Parody Epic, Apple Valley and my brand new 5-day a week humorous
expose of the dark underbelly of the Webcomic world, Webcomic Hell.

Guest Comic – We’re All Gonna Die!

ChaosGuest ComicsThe Kitten of Chaos

Today’s comic comes to us (once again) courtesy of OnyxSparrow of Prepare to Die and continues his now-running-arc of what happens when/if the Kitten of Chaos meddles with/eats/destroys The Apple of Discord.

The reason there’s no comic by me is that I spent all day getting the new and vastly improved Apple Valley website up and running.  Apple Valley is now using WordPress (not Comicpress, just my own homebrew of WordPress) and is no longer bound to the frequently craptastic Drunk Duck.  I will continue to update DrunkDuck – at least once it’s back up – for the time being, however you really ought to check out the new site and bookmark it as that’s going to be the address for all Apple Valley related goodness from here out.

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