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Beat Down

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  • I always enjoyed the personal opinion on AoD. But I’m interested your reasons for not liking them.

  • I guess the best way to explain it is this – It’s sort of like… you’re 12, and you find a tattered piece of a girlie magazine behind a dumpster on the way home from school. It’s worn and torn, but you’re almost sure that that’s a nipple on the edge of the tear and that’s nearly half a boob on the other side… and maybe a knee! And, being the 12 year old you are, this piece of paper becomes the most fascinating thing that ever lived – you sleep with it under your pillow, show it (carefully) to your friends on the playground, guard it with your life. In your mind, because it was your first real piece of hard core porn, it always has a special place in your heart, and in your fantasy.

    Now, fast forward a decade. You’ve not only had sex – probably more than a couple of times now – but in addition to a real live lady, you’ve been on 4chan and seen things that can’t be unseen. Horrible things, involving sheep and superglue, and Asians. Lots of Asians. Oh dear god, the asians. And while cleaning up some stuff from your old room at your parent’s house, you stumble upon the same worn scrap of paper. Except, now, in the light of diversity of experience and knowledge, you realize that “nipple” from before is actually the top of a 4 that had been torn off. This isn’t even porn – this is a scrap from a Sears catalog.

    I’m not saying the Beatles weren’t awesome – for the day. They were. They took risks, innovated, and laid the framework for a good amount of the modern music we have today. Prog Rock, Grunge, Alternative, Pop – they probably would all have existed in some form or another eventually, but the Beatles advanced things by lightyears. But that doesn’t mean we have to worship them as deities (and believe me, some people do), and it doesn’t mean a lot of the stuff they did is – in the grand scope of things that have since come after them – really all that good.

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