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The Fate of Apple Valley

While I am a consumate Discordian and have no qualms with intentionally screwing with the heads of my readers, sometimes it happens by accident… and on those occasions, I am sorry.  This appears to be one of those times.Right, so a week or so ago I made a big announcement – for those of you with goldfish memories, here’s the gist:  Several people had pointed out that the random humor of “The Apple of Discord” clashed more-often-than-not with the quasi-serious (although often darkly funny) ”Apple Valley” subcomic, especially since the format of those had changed towards a more ongoign story a few months back.

I had planned to just leave things be, but after some serious soul searching (and failing once again to gain acceptance from Spider Forest) I realized that the two different comic ideals sharing space was harmful to both.  AV’s story was continuiously diced up and told out of order due to squeezing it in around AoD, and AoD’s humorous “flow” was disrupted, especially while archive-spelunking, by running across the random chunks of AV story wedged into the corners.  Even with the threaded “story” mode (which required a complete restructure of the comic’s category system to get working correctly), it was hard to follow and required a fair amount of guesswork and faith from the readers, something as a creator I don’t really have a right to ask of you.

 So I announced two things:  First, that the more storytastic “Apple Valley” comics, those unable to ‘stand on their own’, were being selectively removed from the archives of AoD in order to make the AoD bits easier to read; and Second, that I was not planning on doing any more of these comics – their respective storylines were being abandoned, and majority of the characters were to be retired.

Over the last week, I have removed the “Apple of Chaos”, “Hubris and The Lotus”, “Stranded in a Strange World”, and almost everything past “Girls gone Moderately Wild”, thinning out the archive considerably and making the random funny comics flow into one another much more smoothly.

Here’s where the “I am sorry” bit from earlier comes in.

Several things happened immediately following my announcement:

  • I got several nice (and a couple of not-so-nice) emails from people supporting the overall decision but still wishing for more Apple Valley
  • I also got emails suggesting/requesting that I archive the removed bits of comic elsewhere
  • My brain was flooded with ideas for continued AV story arcs (not that I ddin’t have enough of them planned already)
  • The ghosts of Webcomics Past, Present, and for some odd reason, Furry (apparently Future was double-booked and Furry was helping out) visited me in my sleep and showed me that Apple Valley did matter.

After this outpour of support (combined with a few well-aimed blows to the guilt centers of my brain) and consulting the forces of the universe, I have decided… to bring back Apple Valley.

Just not here.

Apple Valley is becoming it’s own complete and seperate webcomic.  The archives have been restored to it’s full and righteous glory over on DrunkDuck, and new comics will be coming… eventually.  The new address is - I may get it its own purdy .com address at some point, but for now, I think DrunkDuck is a good choice.

As I said in my previous post, AoD has always been a comic without a home, and while AoD is staying put, I think this “new start” for Apple Valley will hopefully do it some good.  Without having to compete for screen time with AoD, and with it’s archives much more readable, I’m hoping the generally supportive nature of DrunkDuck will give it the readership and attention it needs to grow into a real stand-alone webcomic.

As soon as I figure out how to, I’ll set up some sort of rudimentary RSS reader thing on the sidebar here that will tell you all whenever I’ve updated Apple Valley.  In the meantime, if you haven’t done so in a while, you might want to pop over and read the reformatted, restructured, resurrected Apple Valley to see it as I always saw it in my head and, honestly, as it was meant to be read.

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