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I’m a big fan of Lexx.  I first accidentally discovered the series when I picked up a couple of the first season episodes from the discount bin at Blockbuster over a decade ago.  The first season was epic – it consisted of 4 2-hour-long episodes, which were re-branded as stand-alone movies to those countries (like the US) that were unfamiliar with the show.  I, of course, locked in on immediately to the combination of Tim Curry (Supernova) and Rutger Hauer (Eating Pattern), and had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Lexx was always, to me, the “Little Scifi Engine That Probably Shouldn’t, But Often Did Anyway”.  With it’s mix of unusual characters – the cowardly, whining, sex-starved captain Stan was a stark contrast to every other Captain we’ve ever seen in any scifi or fantasy epic that wasn’t a straight-up parody of the genre.  Zev/Xev and Kai were a one-true-pairing that not only failed to ever actually get together, but Xev actively tried to “pair” with nearly anything that walked (even if her heart did belong to Kai).  790, the talking robot head, was technically comic relief, but was often depressingly unfunny, and as the series went on became Dr Smith from Lost in Space.

The series ultimately went everywhere the modern ‘genre-savvy’ scifi epic shouldn’t go, and did so with a style and flair that only a Canadian-German co-production.  They had a kill count higher than almost any show I’m aware of… I mean, forget planets, which the Lexx destroys constantly… season 2 saw the end of an entire universe, and season 3 saw them accidentally destroy THE AFTERLIFE, re-killing-off half the people they’d already killed at least once (in some cases, more than one)… and then, Season 4 saw them blow up what I can only describe as “The Afterlife’s Afterlife”.

So a few months back I decided, in my rounds to slowly but surely defame all of my fandom loves, that Lexx deserved the lens be turned on it (having already taken pot shots at Star Trek – repeatedly, Star Wars, LOTR, Babylon 5 [oops, haven't hit that one... yet], Stargate, Star Trek some more… the list goes on.)

But what to do with a scifi show I acknowledge most people never actually watched?  I workshopped the idea for a few months in my brain – an intergalactic war breaking out over fans’ preference over Zev (1st season, with the silver hair) or Xev (2nd-4th seasons, with the orangish hair); some sort of censorship thingy, The Lexx randomly blowing up other people’s big ships (Death Star, Borg Cube, Megamaid, etc)… but no matter what the idea, I couldn’t get any of the characters to agree to it inside my head.  They were too cynical, too subversive, too sarcastic, too uninvolved.  And so eventually, that’s how the comic ended – with them not liking the idea and wandering off.

There’s a telling scene about the nature of the show that I’ll leave this rant with.  It’s from the beginning of the second episode-movie from the beginning of the show, titled Supernova.  It shows a man floating through space in some sort of stasis spacesuit.

The guy’s suit is playing an automated message playing advising all that his home planet had come under attack from a terrible plague, and that the only hope they had was to launch him into space with the hopes that he would encounter some benificial magnificent alien race to aid his world in it’s time of need.

As the suit’s automation senses a large alien vessel approaching him quickly, it wakes him to face the salvation of his people… only for him to come to consciousness just in time to smack into the bottom of the Lexx (and explode) as it shoots past him on it’s way to do it’s own thing.

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