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Ron Weasley and The Incredibly Bad Plan of Planning


The ever-evolving art style of AoD has certainly evolved.

A lot of times I’m hard on myself for my art.  My comic is not, nor would it ever be considered as, “artist porn”.  I’m not bad at drawing – but I’m really not good either.  I defend myself by saying, in my brain, that I am an artist, but I am not a cartoonist.  It’s a lie, one I tell myself to feel better, but we all do crap like that anyway and at least I can be honest on the second pass of reviewing the statement.

Still, it’s nice to see that while my cartooning style may not be fantastic, it’s at least changing and (presumably) getting better.  It’s a little hard to tell, sometimes, when you watch the same characters leap from comic to comic and change slowly over time that things are getting better (or occasionally worse).

This comic, on the other hand, provides some nice sharp contrast… I haven’t done any Potter stuff in AoD, so I was surprised to find that I had a tag for it.  A couple years back, I recycled/resurrected an old comic I had done pre-AoD (for the comic Art and Leaf came from) which also hit upon the Potterverse for some lulz. 

This comic, while still not terrible, is lightyears away from where today’s comic is… back then, I didn’t really understand how layers worked, which is why the characters have white ‘halos’ around them… I used the magic wand to grab them out of the flat white layer I had drawn (and colored, I fear) the whole thing before dumping them in the seperate layer background I had made… and I have no idea what the mysterious ‘white fog’ is.  I guess Gandolf was smokin’ a bowl… I don’t know.

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