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Dealing With The Situation


This is not the comic I meant to do today… but as things unfolded, this is the comic I needed to do today.

As I settled in this morning to work on a comic for today, I had ideas – I was potentially going to hit you with another Star Trek comic or maybe a new Gayzilla.  I flipped on the television – manually, I’m old school like that – and as my laptop booted up, I see that the cable box has somehow managed to settle on MTV since the last time I used it.  And, since Season 2 starts tonight, apparently they’re running a marathon of Jersey Shore.

I started fishing around for the remote.  It escalated from a mild rummage to a blind panic as more and more brain cells jumped ship rather than be used to process the horrors on screen.  Sweaty morons lifting weights, talking about how awesome they are, dumb girls who I wouldn’t approach with a 10-foot-pole (judging from at least one of them, they might start trying to pole dance).

To steal a line from The Bob and Tom Show, “If this is on here, what’s playing in Hell?”

I’m not a fan of Reality Television, never have been.  And I don’t mean to overreact… but if I had a time machine, I would travel back in time, find the person who first thought of Reality Television, and put a six inch railroad spike through one of their eyes.  Then I’d travel forward, and if we still had Reality TV, I’d go back and do it again.  And again.  Until I’d snuffed out all these mutherf*ers.

But even the worst of the entries thus far – most of which were by Fox – don’t hold a candle to this crap.  And I’m not the only one who thinks so.  I saw a news story pop up this evening with New Jersey’s own governor Chris Christie saying that the show was a “negative for New Jersey”.

So at least it’s not just  me.


  • If it helps make NJ residents feel better about the image thing, I’d never actually put it together before that this “Jersey Shore” I’d heard about was set in New Jersey. Names get around, y’know?

  • Well, I sorta figured it was either there or Jersey in England, and I’d imagine there’d be a lot more tea drinking and apathy if it were in England.

    This wasn’t made to make New Jersey residents feel bad though – every state has it’s secret shame. For instance, here in my native Ohio, take Cleveland. I mean, seriously – Pennsylvania, you can have Cleveland if you want. Just make sure you mop up where it was sitting.

  • Everything depends on just how broad the paetnt is and whether Google chooses to assert it or not and I must admit I have not read the paetnt itself, so I can’t say if QtConcurrent is likely to infringe. (Where likely is my engineer’s perspective on the similarity between what’s claimed and the implementation, which is not a good yardstick for the same judgement made in a court of law ).

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