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Adoption Of The Super Friends


If today’s comic looks a little… different… and by that, I mean “better than usual”, than you’re right.  Full story below the cut, but what’s really important is that we have Carlo Jose San Juan to thank for providing the artwork for today’s comic.  He is the author and artist behind the well-drawn, well-written, oft duck-filled Callous - which you should check out (and I would still be recommending even if it were not for the fact that he just did guest art for me).


See, what happened is this – I had today’s comic all planned out (as one of my infamous “I’ve got a bad idea I need to write down” notebook quick sketches) but before I ever got a chance to enact it, I was forced into a mandatory double-and-then-some shift at work when the next shift didn’t actually bother to show up.  So I put out a distress call on Twitter, and @callouscomics was kind enough to answer.

I threw together a quick text summary of my ideas (included below) and he quickly and efficiently produced the high quality artistic extrapolation that you see for today’s comic.  In order to appreciate what he had to go through, here’s my notes I provided:

This comic was to be based on (and reuse a few elements from) this comic:

These were MY plans. You can take them any direction you want. Only thing I’d ask is that you keep the width of the final product to at or around 600px.

First panel was planned to be a title panel of the original comic, as is occasionally my thing, reading “Adoption Of The Super Friends” in a similar over-the-top 70′s television-y font.

Second Panel – Standard two-shot; Batman, looking slightly confused, on the left side while The Incredible Hulk (or a reasonable likeness) is on the right side looking angry. Batman says “Buh… the hell?” upon seeing The Hulk, while the Hulk replies with “ME WANT CANDY BAR!” in a bold font to imply he’s screaming.

Third Panel – Same shot as before – to be honest, I was planning on copypasta-ing this entire panel from the last one and then adding on. Batman is now smirking, and holding a batarang, and says “I got your candy right here.” The Wonder Twins are now standing in front of The Hulk, and reply “Don’t hurt him, Batman! We found him wandering lost and confused. Can we keep him?” Truncate and re-arrange words as needed to make fit.

Fourth Panel – Close up of the two Wonder brats. Both are doing their best “cute puppy” looks. I was going to use the same font as the title to write above them “WONDER TWIN BEGGING POWER – ACTIVATE!” No other text.

Fifth Panel – Close up 1/3 shot of Batman, probably a different drawing than before, maybe with his arms up or something. Big empty space to dump text. Bats says “Sorry, kids, our universe already has a brain-damaged super-strong moron, and that’s probably one-too-many if you ask me.” From off-screen, the twins reply “Awwwwww.”

Sixth Panel – Wide shot, Bats now in the middle, kids and Hulk now on far right side. May even cheat and use a zoomed out show of panel 3. Bats’ body is still facing the kids, but is now looking over his shoulder at Superman, who has just entered from the left. Superman has an eager expression and says “Did someone say candy bar? Clark want candy bar too!” Bats replies “I rest my case.” Kids, Hulk are silent.

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