The Apple of Discord is taking a break while I come up with new and
interesting stuff. In the meantime, I STRONGLY recommend you check out my
Fantasy Parody Epic, Apple Valley and my brand new 5-day a week humorous
expose of the dark underbelly of the Webcomic world, Webcomic Hell.

The Apple of Discord Trade Show

So, inspired by the recent electronics expos that have plauged the country showing off “the new hotness” for Apple, video game makers, and other delightful things, I’ve decided to give you all a taste of what’s coming up in The Apple of Discord over the next few months.

Update Schedule – As you may have noticed, AoD has gone 5x a week the last few weeks to see how “do-able” that sort of an update schedule is.  The good news is… it appears it can be done, if it’s done right.  So, for the rest of the summer, here’s my plan:

  • Monday and Friday are “Full Comic” days, featuring the usual 6 panels of chaos and disorder you’ve come to expect.  I’m trying to keep a good mix of the main components of AoD; ”ongoing story” comics (Apple Valley), series comics (How NOT To, Gayzilla), and sheer random one-off humorous comics.
  • Tuesdays are going to continue to be #sketchtuesday sketches – I’m really liking where the contained creativity meme idea is taking me
  • Wednesdays are going to continue being Character Sheets until I’ve run out of characters.  There’s a surprising number of characters in AoD, so these could last years.  There will also be some “modified” character sheets for some or the recurring characters (like Gayzilla and The Captain) that have their own stand-alone universes.
  • Thursdays are going to be taken over - in a hostile fashion – by Cinematic For The People.  Rising from the ashes of it’s slumber, kicking ass and taking names, Art and Leaf are going back to the movies.

These aren’t guarantees – sometimes, like this week for example, the #tuesdaysketch drawing WAS a comic, and monday’s comic was a sketch/poster/thingy.

Upcoming Storylines

  • Art’s coma storyline is almost over – there’s a BIG comic (big as in important, not big as in I don’t know how to format) on Monday that sets the stage for another extended sequence later on, and then we’re about 1 comic away from being done.
  • Leaf and Gabbie’s abduction storyline did NOT get abandoned – it’s coming up next.  It’s been shortened – a whole lot – but we will find out the terrible secret of Zeb and where… exactly… Bimbo disappeared to.
  • Hubris is taking the summer off… he did have a major hand in last summer’s storyarcs, so he’s getting a bit of a break to rebuild and will most likely be relegated to occasional and humor-oriented appearances like the old days.
  • Gabbie… is getting her own storyline!  And only a year and a half after she was created in a fan vote contest.  I’m slow.  Gabbie’s story is going to be a bit controversial – there’s going to be some near nudity, an in-depth exploration of the concepts and effect of racism AND affirmative action, and a couple deaths.  But it’ll be funny.  Oh, and furries.  There will be anthros involved.
  • Art’s storyline is going to have a profound effect on Steve – expect to see some changes out of our occasionally comatic whipping boy.  Is this the beginning of a bad-ass cycle for el Steve-o?
  • Horn is dead.
  • Ralph and Bimbo are getting their own “Comic Event” arc – I won’t say too much just yet, but it’s going to be big and neat, and you can Expect there to be some Extra action and Excitement involved.
  • And… somebody’s getting married.

Upcoming Series

  • Taking a page from the success I’ve had with my frequent and oft abusive Star Trek parody series Off The Treks , expect to see a new series building upon the Harry Potter universe… well, not JUST the Potter universe.
  • Cinematic For The People, as mentioned above, is coming back.  A bigger cast to draw from means it may not always be Art and Leaf at the helm, but it should still be epic. 
  • And more parody movie posters, too.
  • How NOT To is probably at an end, to be completely honest, however the Theme Lever adventures are really fun, so I don’t see those ending any time soon.
  • And do you wanna see Archer and Sir Vivor kill more things?  Who doesn’t!?!  There will likely be more of that as well.

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