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Questionable Robotics

el ArtistoFluffynuts

A word on Mr Fluffynuts (after the cut):

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Mr Fluffynuts was originally introduced waaaaaay back here (How NOT To… Cute Pets) as a one-time throwaway character created to criticize comics that add… or for that matter depend heavily on… small cute animals, sidekicks, or mascots.

The most famous of these, in my mind, is probably Bun Bun from Sluggy Freelance – which is ironic, because at the time he was created, Bun Bun was actually a subversion of this trope – it explained in comic at the time of his genesis that SF was adding him to the cast because so many other comics had requisite cute mascot animals.  Bun Bun turned out to be a cute small bunny as advertised… but one who wields a switchblade as his prefered weapon, kills people regularly, and was occasionally a god or an elemental force over the last few years. 

Bun Bun then started a new trend of bigger, badder, better pint-sized companions, from magical flying talking cats (yes, I’m looking at you, Poe) to a surprisingly agile and mobile pet rock (CRFH) to the robotic minions of Questionable Content.  These mini-cast-members tend to be smarter than the main cast, often funnier, and often have supernatural abilities attached to them – and they’re cute, which means they’re marketable.

So, in the creation of Mr F, I decided to subvert the subversion – not only would he not be smart, funny, or have supernatural abilities – he’s not particularly good looking, stupid, and has almost no abilities.  He was never really meant to survive his original outing, however after the sheer amount of discussion that his first (and originally last) appearance generated, I decided to start sticking him in the background of comics (much like I do occasionally with the Apple itself) to see if people would notice.  That’s the one thing I can say about Fluffynuts is that he’s durable – he’s survived being eaten, and will likely endure several more tortures before I’m done with him.

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