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Out With The New…

…in with the old!  Summer is nearly upon us, and with the hunting grounds for aspiring movie critics like myself rife with slow, easy targets, it’s likely to be a feast for all involved.  And I thought, in light of this season, I’d give all you devout readers a little “treat” (quotes appropriate).

As you may or may not know, a few years back in one of my previous comic endeavours, I had a sub-run comic which I called Cinematic For The People, a name which has since been recycled for use in AoD with similar implications.   Unlike the serious, ongoing story arc that took place in the main comic, CFTP was a light and fun romp featuring a couple of suspiciously familiar characters watching a series of increasingly worse movies and providing commentary on them.

Each CFTP usually consisted of one faux movie poster followed by Art and Leaf bickering over whether or not they’d go see that movie.  The irony, of course, was that while this was a format for movie reviews, the ones that they did were of movies they hadn’t actually seen yet – and to be fair, some of the “reviews” de-evolved into arguements and bizarre bits of esoteric humor.

Keen observers may recognize that CFTP has been resurrected via AoD on a number of occasions:

  • Back here (Indiana Bones) Art winds up at the same movie theatre, only now accompanied by Horn, and essentially does a straight-up CFTP gag (you’ll note the film frames surrounding the comic actually say CFTP, an in-joke for the handfull of readers who made the transition from the old comic to the new one).
  • Horn again shows up at the theatre here (tweenlight) at the same theatre, this time being creepy all on his own.
  • And recently, I did some of my old-style spoof movie posters (for Prince of Persia and Iron Man)

So as it comes closer and closer to the likelyhood that I’m eventually going to pick doing CFTP back up as a full-time segment in AoD, I thought I’d give you all a little context.  And that’s where I ran into a wee bit of a problem… and by “wee bit”, I mean huge giant catastrophe.  Apparently, that whole rule of “once something is on the internet, it’s there forever” only applies if it’s something bad or embarrasing.

Unfortunately, of the two-plus years that I did CFTP, only a handful of the comics (there were probably a couple hundred) still survive.  Between frequent PC crashes on my end and a serious server meltdown (the server actually caught fire – literal fire) only the first few comics as well as one of the last ones (featuring the new and graphicaly intensive format) have survived the purge.

So… gathered for posterity, for the first (and possibly last) time ever is the collected “Cinematic For The People” original archives.

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  • Update! For anyone who cares, I found even more movie posters and have uploaded them, along with an all new drawing of “classic” Art and Leaf as they would’ve been drawn then if I could draw as well as I can now… then.


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