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Gayzilla Begins

Admiral DandyGayzilla


  • It is even funnier knowing that the government actually considered developing a gaybomb…

    • I was dimly aware of the fact that they tried something like that, however the last I heard was that they had focused their attentions on a “ray” that caused people to break out in amorous intent with whoever (or whatever) was in their immediate vicinity.

      Of course, neither of these will ever rival the success they’ve had so far with Gaydar. That’s the REAL reason they don’t want gays in the military – they don’t want them jamming up the Gaydar with a bunch of false positives.

  • I can’t believe that Gayzilla was the only occupant of Giant Closet Island… I do believe that is the doorway into the Mines of Moria though.

  • Who says he was the only one? OOooooooOOOoooohhhhooooo….. (wiggles fingers)

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