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Gayzill Returns

Admiral DandyGayzillaThe Numbers

And so… our first major on-screen death of a recurring character (not counting Doyle).

An early version of Admiral Crunchnmunch first appeared in the second Gayzilla entry (Gayzilla Raids Again) where he displayed his first tendencies to scream “GAYZILLA!!!” when under pressure.  His second appearance was in the next Gayzilla entry (War of the Gayzillas) where, in an effort to make him more visually distinctive from his common-sense-equipped underling in blue, I gave him a foofy hat.  He was called “General Green” in that comic, but due to his resemblance (thanks to the hat) to Cap’n Crunch, he quickly was promoted to Admiral (they are technically in the Navy… I think) and renamed Crunchnmunch.

Crunchnmunch’s ultimate plan to negate Gayzilla was a giant robot analog designed to… well, even I’m not entirely sure, and I’m the one who wrote it.  It was designed to be a giant robot version of Gayzilla, that part was sure, but the rest of the plan appeared to be a “let’s build it and see what happens” sort of deal.  And in the late Admiral’s own words when confronted with the absence of actual “plan” in his plan, “DO IT ANYWAY!”

He will be missed.

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