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Count Baconula


There’s  a story behind this.

This all comes from a story my wife told me about a toy that her mother keeps at her house for my daughter to play with when she comes over for a visit.  The toy itself is fairly standard fare for her age – it’s a bunch of farm animals, and when you select one of them they say what they are and a little bit about themselves.  Well, apparently either the people who made it just weren’t trying, or maybe the speaker is damaged from constant love, or perhaps it’s just that the circuit that it’s programmed on is n0t that big or well designed… the end result is that when you select the pig, he says “Hi!  I’m a pig!  And I like BLOOD!”

Now, I know he’s supposed to be saying “mud”.  I mean, that’s what pigs like, right?  It’s one of those things… but I can’t help but hear it, and apparently I’m not the only one, as everyone who I’ve shown this to have gone “Wait, what did it just say?” unprompted.  Now, it’s not nearly as weird as the Teletubby that screamed sexual preference slurs, but it’s still something.  Maybe I can get a video up, let you all decide.

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