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Gayzilla vs The Village Force Five

GayzillaVillage Force Five

A funny thing happened on the way to this update.

I’m not going to lie – back at the start of AoD, I was trying to be a lot more offensive, and the first few comics really reflect it – murder, sex jokes, dick jokes, rampant attacks on celebrities, more sex jokes.  The comics were cheap, designed to hit people with a humorous shock-and-awe to keep them coming back for more as the comic grew.

Gayzilla’s creation was no exception.  I was doing my best to be inclusive and make fun of “the gays”, but being that I’m actually a fairly nice person (and also incredibly pro-LGBT) I was having a lot of problems doing it with any teeth.  That’s when it hit me – I couldn’t bring myself to mock actual homosexuals, but if I make something so bizarre and off the wall… and then make it gay… I could totally sail into it and make some truly awful jokes.

Gayzilla’s design wasn’t even original – years before, for a card game I was creating (Bakachibimon, which I swear one day will exist!) I created a monster I dubbed the “Extinctisarus Rex”, a dinosaur “so badly designed there’s no way it could have ever actually lived”.  Giant bulbus head, huge tusk-like teeth jutting up from the bottom jaw, tiny eyes set towards the side, spindly little arms and legs, prefunctory spikes.  I just looked at my original design (ok, for the first couple drawings TRACED it), made him neon pink, and Gayzilla was born.

The problem was… once I released Gayzilla unto the world, he sort of took on a life of his own.  Gayzilla started appearing as a cameo in other people’s comics (usually in the background or on posters).  I got requests for wallpapers and t-shirts.  I donated a Gayzilla shirt for a LGBT chairty auction.  He became one of AoD’s cards (and one of the most powerful cards to date) in the WAGON Webcomic Card Game.  Hell, someone (and if you were that guy, please let me know as I lost your contact info) sent me an actual painting they’d done of Gayzilla.

Gayzilla took on a life of it’s own.  And people wanted more.  The next few comics were easy – Gayzilla sucking all the seamen from a downed navy ship, for instance, practically wrote itself – but I realized I needed an enemy that Gayzilla could duel against on equal footing.  So I took to the drafting table, armed with an equal dose of old Godzilla and Gamera movies and television shows starring Tim Gunn, to create the next big enemy.

Obviously, the one that we went with first was Mecha-Gayzilla.  Crotch-mounted drill – need I say more?  But there were other designs that did not get used – yet, anyway.  One of them was Milfura, an older and more mature giant moth lady who’s powers of seduction would ultimately fail to woo Gayzilla, but who would become an ally.  Another was (Mecha) Queen Dragura, a male monster posing (badly) as a female monster.

And then there was the Village Force Five, the unholy fusion between the Village People and any given Sentai/Power Rangers team.  The idea was truly beautiful/awful, possibly one of my favorites ever… since both “teams” have about the same number of people, and they actually line up perfectly:

  • Black Villager – Biker
  • Blue Villager – Cop
  • Yellow Villager – Construction Worker
  • White Villager – Sailor
  • Red Villager – Indian Chief (and their leader)

Unfortunately, I didn’t think of them until I’d already introduced Mecha Gayzilla.  I debated about making them the pilots but opted eventually to give them their own unique story – one that we will be undertaking starting in a couple months.

And now you know.  Half the battle, blah blah blah.

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