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A Call To Arms

Friends of mine (and friends of the comic) Michael Poe his wife are in serious need of pre-orders for Volume 3 of Errant Story.  They’ve put a lot of time and effort into making these physical tangible “dead tree” editions of Errant Story available for the public, including printing it on SOLID GOLD (solid gold version not available in any areas) to make them extra snazzy.  They’re doing this print run out of their own pockets, which means that your pre-orders really REALLY help smooth out the edges on the whole process, so if you’re a fan of Errant Story and would normally have considered buying a copy of Volume 3 anyway, please consider putting your order in now

Now, as you may have noticed, I’m not one of those people who horribly over-market-ize their comics.  I’ve never gone out and spent three paychecks buying Apple of Discord stuff to try and sell… so what merch I do have is rare and relatively hard to come by.  That’s why I’ve decided, as an added incentive and bonus, that any fans of AoD who also pre-order Errant Story v3 will also get a secret (ok, I’m not entirely sure what it will be at this point) bit of Apple of Discord swag included in your orders.  It might be a button, or a bookmark, a one-of-a-kind sketch, or even one of the ultra-rare “print” comics of AoD from 2008, but I’ll toss something in for you.  Just email me – – and tell me you’ve preordered and what email address (if not your own) you did it under.

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