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Podcasting – TGT Webcomics

I meant to put this up on Monday, but chaos and discord don’t hold a candle to a constantly crying baby and mandatory 2 hours of overtime each day…

Friday night, I (Adam Smithee) of this comic (The Apple of Discord) will be appearing on TGT Webcomics (Two Guys Talking Webcomics).  Kurt has interviewed… and in the following weeks will be interviewing… some serious hitters in the Webcomic community, which means he obviously has made some sort of serious booking error in agreeing to have me on the show.

Maybe the guy who does the stick figure sprite catgirl comic cancelled at the last minute.  I don’t know.

Anyway, serious errors in judgement aside, it ought to at the very least be interesting.  Maybe if they ask nice I’ll give them a preview of the new up-and-coming rant, “The 7 Characters You Meet in Webcomic Hell”.  Show goes down live around 9 PM EST, and I’ll have a link to the podcast and a full rundown post-cast.

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