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Updates! Lots of 'em!

Ok, everyone, I know I’ve been a smidgen silent the last couple weeks… that’s because we finally had the baby!  As you can see, everything was already planned for (thanks to Arne of Union of Heroes for the extended crossover, as well as to Russ for generally covering things) so there was never any interruption of service for the comic, however there have been a decided lack of new news posts from yours truly.  So hold on tight, here’s some news (and pictures) at ya:

1. The Baby

Our baby was born on Friday, August 21st at 12:35 AM.  Despite heavy pressure from friends and family not to name the baby Superfly Danger, we now are the proud parents of one… Samantha Virginia.  Oh, come on, it’s not like I was actually going to name her Superfly Danger… that’s totally a boy’s name.

My wife’s water broke Thursday morning, but she didn’t immediately go into labor, so we got to hang around the hospital all day and do some laps around the ward trying to shake the baby free. 

They eventually had to induce labor, which was an experience into and of itself – I’d jokingly reffered to my wife as a “baby cannon” a couple of times in the past, but I didn’t realize quite how right-on I actually was.  Labor (like, the final stages) didn’t start until around 11 PM, and when it hit it hit like a wrecking ball… and I’d also like to give credit to my wife, as she did the entire thing without any pain medicine.  It wasn’t her intent to go drug-free, but by the time things kicked in it was too late to get anyone in to give her anything.  She handled the entire ordeal with grace and style.

Also, on a related note, my hand has nicely healed, and the doctors say the cast can come off in a couple weeks.  (I kid.)


Here's baby Samantha shortly after being born. Note the baby goo, kept in the picture for authenticity.


In the words of "Auntie Impy", behold the Smooshy Baby Face of Cuteness.

And just look at that head of hair.

And just look at that head of hair.


The proud mom and our new tax deduction.

 2. Comic Updates

Ok, so on to brass tacks.  The current AoD/UoH crossover will run out of comics on Monday… hopefulyl everyone’s been enjoying it, but I’ve eventually got to get back to some sort of a schedule… aaaand since Russ is going to be out of town this coming weekend (see below), be sure to tune in on Wednesday to see what I’ve managed to pull together.

As you may have noticed, we’ve upgraded to the new Comicpress 2.8 format.  Some things work better than before, others don’t quite work yet…  hopefully all the comics and various features are still accessible, and the rest of the graphical modifications should be coming in the following days.  If anything doesn’t appear to be working, please… you know… let me know.

3.  Convention!

The Apple of Discord will be putting in an appearance at Dragon*Con this weekend!  Ok… technically, I (Adam) won’t be at the convention, but I’m sending a giant pile of swag along with friends-of-the-comic Poe and Impy of Errant Story, along with my trusty disposable redshirt intern Russ.

So if you happen to be in Atlanta, GA for the weekend and want to get your hands on one of the exclusive and elusive not-for-sale-on-the-web Apple of Discord shirts, print-comics, or even your very own Golden Apple of Discord, stop by the Exhibitor’s Hall 2, Booth 606 (under the vendor name of “Selling Out for Fun and Profit” and tell’em you’re there for the Discord swag.


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