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New Literary Project: Webcomic Hell

I’ve never been fond of all these guides, books, and programs that promise that they will bestow upon their users fame, fortune, and ultimate success.  I say bullshit.  If the guides to riches were really actually useful, the people writing the guide would’ve kept it to themselves, become stinking rich, and never had to write another guide book ever.

That’s why, when I started penning my “self help” webcomic series, I decided instead of trying to tell people how to do things right – because, let’s face it, even if there WERE some sort of magical golden formula for fame and success, I obviously don’t have it – instead I decided to focus on how NOT to do things wrong… thus the How NOT To series of comics, convention panels, and podcasts were born.

While much LOLs were had with the entire HNT line, the problem is that while the How NOT To series is a serviceable overview of the absolute badness that can exist in webcomics, it’s relative height above the surface of what I’m nicknaming “webcomic hell” means that it gets a good view, but can’t go into as much depth as it could exploring some of the nooks and grannies of bizarre badness.

So, over the next few months, AoD will be launching a new series of decidedly more focused attacks on bad webcomicking at it’s best – and by best, I mean worst.  First up on the chopping block will be characters and character development… so stay tuned for:

The Seven Characters You Meet in Webcomic Hell*

Travel with us as we take a look at the 7 characters who are often poorly written, wrongly conceived, badly handled, and generally overused by webcomic creators… then join our “panel of experts” as we discuss what we can learn from these characters, and what anyone who accidentally creates one can do to fix them (or at least grind down any overly sharp edges).  

*(My apologies to the Tuesdays with Maurie guy)

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