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True Stories : Aliens


  • LOL, reminds me of something that happened to my mate. My oldest girl and I were having a family hair dying day and my mate decided to be spontaneous and join us in it. (He never does anything spontaneous) He decided to just do one streak of color, (he didn't want to go all out) and to be even more spontaneous he chose the color pink. lol

    Later one of the girls from his office happened to see a little bit of pink hair showing from under his work hat and demanded to see. (We'll just call her taffy or maybe bubbles for now) When she saw the streak of pink in his hair she giggled, clapped her hands, and said… (and I quote) “Wow that's cool, are you going to be Pink Floyd for Halloween?”

  • @Pashakitty… that makes me feel sad on the inside.

  • Tell me about it, and this person has actually had offspring.

  • Oh… I also forgot to mention that it wasn't even October.

  • awsome! you guys prolly dont get it…

  • No, no… I definitely get it.

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