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Cinematic For the People : Van Helsing

AoD OriginsArthurLeaf

So now you know the horrible, horrible truth.

Art and Leaf were originally minor characters in my original comic, a sprite comic which is now blessfully hidden from the majority of the internets.  A year or so in, they were spun off into their own “side” comic called Cinematic For The People, which ran once a week, and featured a faux spritetastic movie poster and (hypothetically) a review of said movie… the catch was that the comic came out on Fridays, meaning that Art and Leaf (and by extension, myself) had not actually *seen* the movie they were reviewing.   This became a recurring theme later on in the series.

CFTP1 Also, here’s a non-shrunk-to-fit version of the poster.  I’ve got an even higher resolution one of these lying around somewhere, I’ll see if I can’t find it in the coming days.  Compare and contrast to the actual poster for the full funny.

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