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SyFy Chronicles – Part 3



  • Kinda depressing if you think about it.

  • I find it slightly ironic that the last line is based on a show that happened during SciFi's “years of decline”.

  • Yes, I found the whole situation rather ironic myself.

  • Okay, so I see a lot of people on here I do and don't recognize

    -Preacher bot from Futurama
    -Planet Express Ship from Futrama
    -The wicked Witch and Toto?
    -the TARDIS
    -Is that yellow Dalek?
    -I think I see the back of the head of the robot from Lost in Space
    -Scorpious of Farscape
    -Rimmer of Red Dwarf
    -A Cylon
    -An Ape from Planet of the Apes
    -a Mars Attack alien
    - Yoda
    - Spock (or a vulcan)

    And that's it. THere's lots others so some help would be appreciated

  • Hell, even I don't know all of Russ's refferences in today's comic… I see:

    A tatchiacoma (sp?) fromo Ghost in the Shell
    Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet)
    Bob and Vincent (Black Hole)
    R. Dorothy (Big O)
    Mike, Servo, and Crow (MST3K)
    Droid Army Droid (Star Wars)

    …is it a little sad that all the ones I recognize are robots?

    Also, the “yellow” Dalek is probably either a reference to the new re-designed copper daleks. It could also be one of the mid-80's daleks (think 6th Doctor) when the two factions were splitting into the Imperial and Renegade daleks and they had a lot of specialized sub-models, like a “tank” dalek… it runs in my mind that some of those had a very golden paint job.

  • I was there too, but was in the 4th row an had my back to the camera the whole time.

  • Well that was just terrible. Spelled my own name rong. Sad.

  • A few more: Kosh (or some other Vorlon, their encounter suits all look alike) in the front on the last page, and I'm pretty sure that's Shepherd Book from Firefly giving the eulogy.

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