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SyFy Chronicles – Part 1


Today’s comic is by Russ, aka Weirdonian, the brand new The Apple of Discord slave intern.  It’s part One of a cameo-tastic multipart comic in reference to the ongoing clusterfrak involving The SciFi Channel SyFy.  For those of you not hep to the beat, here’s the 411:

Scifi, once a haven for cable-subscribing geeks across the United States and other parts of the world, has been slowly and steadily trying to destroy their fanbase for the last 5 or 6 years.  Many, such as myself and apparently Russ, blame the downfall on Bonnie Hammer.  Shortly after Hammer, who publically claimed that she herself did not like Science Fiction (the claim was since redacted, but still exists in print media and the heards and minds of those who read it) took the reigns of SciFi back in 2001, many horrible horrible things have happened to our dear beloved network.

Shows with high fan appeal have been struck down in their prime (MST3K, First Wave, Invisible Man, Farscape) while the SciFi Channel “Movie of the Week” movies have prolofierated out out control.  They’ve got wrestling and reality game shows on it now.  But the final blow was back in March when SciFi announced that it was looking to shed it’s dorky image… and, more or less, it’s fans… and be reborn as SyFy, a re-branded re-tooled re-spelled vehicle for the same sort of crap that they’ve been slowly filling the network with for years now.

I already did a comic on this, by the way, in case you were wondering.  Now it’s Russ’ turn.



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