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Gayzilla Shirt For a Good Cause


gayzilla-shirtI am donating one of my exceptionally rare not-currently-available-to-purchase Gayzilla t-shirts to the LGBT Webcomic Chairty Art Auction.  Why a t-shirt for an art auction?  Well, they asked for art, and this was the best I could do…  all kidding aside, this auction is being organized by friend-of-the-comic J Gray, the author behind Mysteries of the Arcana (and the now-hiatused 2nd Shift).  It benifits the Point Foundation, a scholarship-granting program for LGBT students who’ve been hurt (or at least not helped) by their gender identities.

Also, it’s currently the only way to get your hands on a Gayzilla shirt.

Visit the auction’s main page here or if you’re impatient and just want a damn Gayzilla shirt, saunter on over to eBay and remember… bid early, bid often!

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