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AoD is Hiring! (sorta)

If you’re here, you’re probably a reader already, so I’ll spare you the normal speech I’ve been giving at the other places.  The Apple of Discord is looking to bring one or two people into “the team” to help out for the next few months – either aspiring new webcomickers who need a leg up or bitter, depressed old webcomickers who need a fresh start.  If you might be one of those, and are interested in possibly joining “the team”, please, for the love of Cthulhu, read on…

What is AoD Looking For?

I’m looking to take on one or two interns or apprentices for an indefinite period of time, at least the next 3-6 months (with the possibility of a much longer engagement, if this works out well for all parties), to help with various special projects and the day-to-day operation of the comic. My ultimate goal is that this person or these persons would essentially be able to act as a “guest comicker in residence”, providing additional support and (hopefully) some comics of their own.

I figure my ideal candidate is going to fall into one of two categories:

Someone who is looking to get into webcomics but has little to no experience (but lots of enthusiasm) who might benifit from a more experienced (read: bitter) hand to offer advice and give them constructive criticism


Someone who had a webcomic before, failed horribly, had their spirit crushed, quit, and is now sufficiently bitter about their own failures and is looking to get “back into the game” with something new and different.

I am not looking specifically for an artist or a writer to team up with… most of this will be solo work. Since writing is my strong point, if I had to choose, I’d rather take someone who can draw over someone who can write, but at this point I’m willing to consider anyone. I can offer ideas and help edit scripts if you’re unsure and want help, but mostly I’m looking for someone who I can turn loose and see what they come up with.

Why Should You Do This?

I won’t lie to you – there’s (almost certainly) not going to be any money in this. AoD makes a nominal amount of money off of ads, all of it goes back into buying more ads. Then again, if you’re looking to make money in the webcomic “business”, you’d probably better just move along anyway. If, by some miracle, money *does* start rolling in, we’ll figure something out then.

The biggest reward will be the ability to tap into the already established “Apple of Discord” readership – according to Google Analytics, in the last month AoD has had 700+ visitors who’d been to the site at least 10 times before. I see this as a great way for a new, aspiring (or old, embittered – either way) webcomic creator(s) to instantly inherit a small but regular audience. Additionally, when/if you leave to start your own comic, I’ll do as much as I can to promote you as well, ensuring that my readers also cross over and become “your” readers too.

Why Am I Doing This?
Two reasons, mainly. My wife is pregnant and due in August, and despite my best attempts to build up a buffer, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’ve requested guest comics in a few places, but that’s only a quick fix and I’m looking for something a little more permanent.

The second reason is a little more complicated – I had a comic years ago, and despite updating daily, promoting constantly, and generally working my ass off – it just wasn’t working. It failed, and I took it really hard. When I started back into webcomics after a 3 year break, I realized a lot of the mistakes I made the first time through, and started recognizing those in others, as well as the struggles that a new artist/author sometimes goes through in trying to find their footing and place in the world of webcomics and the overall community.

I believe that it’s the duty of those who know how to help build up those who have the capacity to do great things achieve that goal, even if it means that once you find your own voice you do much, much better than I ever would do. I really do actually want to help – that’s why I’m looking for new or defeated people who need that push to get on their feet instead of trying to partner with someone who actually… no offense… knows what they’re doing.

Ownership and Legalese
I’m really not one to get caught up in details like this, but I know it’s going to worry somebody so I figure I’ll mention it anyway. I know we’ll have to go into more detail before striking an accord, but my general stance on ownership is this – while working for AoD, you would have full access to the entire roster of AoD’s recurring characters, as well as creative control to create more of your own original creations. The comics you created while with The Apple of Discord would belong to The Apple of Discord (essentially mine, but still credited to you). Original character creations would be yours to keep, provided that AoD could occasionally use them too – think of it as visitation rights. If you already had a webcomic and wanted to bring back pre-established characters and incorporate them into the AoD continuity, that would count as an extended crossover, and all rights would be retained by you. This isn’t meant to be a binding agreement, just a declaration of intent.


  • I'm throwing my hat into the ring. I'm pretty serious about doing webcomics and I could use the experience. I think you know my credentials fairly well, so I won't bother to get into great detail here, but I suppose I could list a few for your readers out there…

    * 21 Years of Worldbuilding experience.
    * Associates Degree in the Fine Arts, so I can draw fairly well, amongst other things.
    * 10 Years of writing/GMing a forum-based, free-form RPG, where Adam and I know each other, so I can write.
    * Time enough, even with a full-time job.
    * I was a fan and contributor to Adam's first webcomic, so I do have a trifle of experience.
    * I plan on producing my own webcomic series sometime in the near future, possibly in about six months or so, based on my 21 year old opus, Weirdonia.

    So, what do you think?

  • I thought you were too busy with your illustrious Cheese-Making enterprise to help out, otherwise I would've gone to you first before putting out this “public shoutout”. Well, you more than qualify, so consider yourself short-listed. I'll contact you with more info in a bit.

    In the meantime, don't let this discourage you (and by you, I mean anyone other than Weirdonian) from applying too. I'm looking for a couple of people, not just one, so I still strongly encourage any interested parties to contact me.

  • Well, I was too busy making cheese before, but I'm pretty well adjusted now. For the first seven months or so, every day pretty much wiped me out completely. I'd never had a full-time job that lasted longer than a month before and certainly not one this physical. Now that I've adjusted, I have a lot more energy even though my job has been even harder since April*. I think that the job getting harder gave me an energy boost, cause I'm basically being paid to work out every day. It also means I have more energy on the weekends too.

    *more milk in the Spring/Summer means more cheese-making. I actually preffer it to processing/packaging the cheese, even though it's harder, because it's less monotonous.

  • I would be willing to offer up my chaotic expertise on a consultant basis.

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