The Apple of Discord is taking a break while I come up with new and
interesting stuff. In the meantime, I STRONGLY recommend you check out my
Fantasy Parody Epic, Apple Valley and my brand new 5-day a week humorous
expose of the dark underbelly of the Webcomic world, Webcomic Hell.

A Poor Workman…



  • BTW, there's a new Apple of Discord comic up today, i case anyone was wondering. And a new site design.

  • The new advertising column on the left is cutting off the last 30 pixels of the comic, I believe. The last letter of the words are missing.

  • I appreciate the comment, but I'm not seeing it… I'm checking firefox, IE7, and Chrome… which browser are you seeing this happen on? Either way, I'll see if I can't give a bit more of a buffer…

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