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Penguicon – Day One and Beyond

So I’m at Penguicon – and I’m already huddled in the dark over a flickering computer terminal using Linux.  That’s right, in a building full of geeks and nerds drinking, dancing, and singing… I’m here in the dark on the internet.  Man, I suck.

Had my first ever Panel this evening – a “Webcomics that aren’t Penny Arcade” sort of revue, with me, Onyx/Mike (of Prepare to Die), Jason (the writer of Ardra) and Tanya (BetaPwned) giving commentary on some webcomics we like.  I sort of forgot to submit my list, but we had technical difficulties and more-or-less ran on time anyway, so it was a fortunate accident.

On to Adam’s declining mental health… There’s awesomeness going on all around me, I just don’t quite know what to do with myself since I’m sort of by myself.  I don’t normally go to conventions “solo” so in these meloncholy times there’s always at least one other person to sail my ship by.  There are many people I know from the Internets here, and that’s good – but they’ve all got their own plans and agendas too, and that’s once again forced me to make the call between glomping on to a group of people who’re already much stronger friends (like The Webcomic Beacon crew) and trying to integrate myself with them (with the hope that they’d be receptive, weighed against the fear that they’d not be) or striking out on my own and hoping that I just don’t wind up spending the weekend alone.

Anyway, the internet is my sword and my shield… and my armor… and the weight tied around my ankle.  Time to cut the cord – ethernet cable, whatever – and see if I can’t have me some real world fun.  If any of my readers are actually here and would like to say hi at any point, you can text me at 5132360393 or follow me on Twitter and specifically say you’re at Penguicon.

Tomorrow I’ve got a couple of Panels mid-afternoon, otherwise I’m going to be in the Artist’s Alley the entire time.  If you’re here, you should look me up.  AoD t-shirts, print comics, apples, buttons, and sketches will abound.  Until then, Adam… out.


  • And there I was trying to be friendly, but not quite sure how to go about it

  • Well, like I said, I wasn't in a particularly good place, so if I failed to notice your friendly advances, it's more likely me than not to blame. I think my biggest failing was not getting there before the con started – normally it's my policy to try and arrive at a convention that morning, even if it doesn't start until late, but my job prevented this from happening, so I sort of arrived “in progress” and it took me a while to normalize. This was written on the first night of the convention, so I did get better as the con went on.

    But say, mysterious stranger commentator, should I know/remember who you are?

  • Ah, I'm glad it got better then. I'm fine at cons, but if I get to a big crowded party in the has that effect.

    You don't know me, don't know if you'd remember me..I was attempting to push myself to talk to strangers more, at least cute ones with art around, and you were one.

  • “…at least cute ones…”
    See, there's your problem – you've probably got me mistaken for someone else.
    “…with art around…”
    Now I *know* you're not talking about me. You have *seen* my comic, right?

    All kidding aside, the convention turned out to be pretty fun, although it felt like it was very short… probably in no small part due in part to how busy I was. Still, I had a good time and it wasn't too far away from where I live, so hopefully I'll be able to put in a repeat performance in 2010.

  • Hehee. Well if it was you there at the table with this comic, then I”m not mistaken. :->
    And um yes..its right up ^ there. Looks like art to me. If a Campbell's soup can can be art, well this certainly can be too.

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