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Cross-Connectivity Test – LiveJournal

I’m working on making The Apple of Discord more accessible… not that I don’t have a whole website and a RSS feed and update on Twitter and all that already, but I’ve decided to try and use some plugins to conect to some of the other social networking sites.  So… I now have a livejournal account set up at

For those of you to young to remember, LiveJournal (or LJ) was what MySpace and Facebook were before they weren’t anymore.  While I personally have sworn off LJ ages ago, I understand that there’s still a good number of you that still use it… let’s face it, mostly for fanfic and/or porn… but now (at least hypothetically) you’ll be able to tell when a new Apple of Discord comic goes up.

Yay technology.


  • If we’re getting RSS feeds or subbed here, why would WE care?

  • Honestly, you’ve got me… I’m not even a huge fan of RSS feeds. But as a content provider, it’s part of my lot to try and make the comic as accessible to everyone out there as I can. That’s why I also program the website to be IE6 compatible, even if it means it doesn’t look quite as awesome as it might otherwise.

    There’s still a lot of people out there who use LiveJournal instead of a straight RSS reader, and this will hopefully help them tune in. I’m working on similar ports to MySpace and Facebook. ideally, these are all going to be more-or-less automated, so once it’s running I don’t have to do a lot to maintain them.

  • Hey! I don’t use LJ just for fanfic and porn! I also use it to start fights with people about politics and mass media and pop culture.

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