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1977 – The Comic

I don’t remember a lot about the 70′s… but that’s ok, because if you were “doing it right” you probably don’t remember a lot about them either.  Now, I have an excuse – I was a baby – but the entire decade was an important era of our history… as American Pie aptly stated in 1971, the decade belonged to a “generation lost in space, with no time left to start again”.

It was hard to follow up on the hippie era and the infamous Summer of Love of the late 60′s, and many still mock the cultural movements of the 1970s (Disco music, big hair, 8-tracks).  On the other hand, there are those who would wish to remember only the good things about the 70′s, conveniently hand-picking those better elements and ignoring anything that’s culturally unpleasant in today’s age.

This brings me back to 1977 (The Comic).  This comic pulls no punches about the true nature of the 70′s… it is chocked full of sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, big hair, and cultural commentary.  While it falls short of a scathing expose, it finds it stride in exploring the every day foibles of life encountered by the cast as they go about their lives trying to find fame and fortune… and that’s also what makes the comic still relevant.

Take a moment to consider this comic, which would probably work in any day or age, but works especially well under the framing of this comical era.  Or here, or here, both of which border on my inglorious level of sense absentia.

Oh, I’m not saying that the comic would work nearly as well in today’s settings… or reality, either.  There’s more than one break with reality that’s apparently not drug-enduced, and that everyone involved can see… the main character turns into a girl (briefly), the bearded dragon starts spewing fire, and the laws of physics are often skewed for comedic and cartoon effect.

In addition to the comic itself, which is good, there’s also a decent amount of running commentary with every comic – notes on artistic musings, cultural references, and life in general offer a great deal of insight into the creator and the creative process.

All in all, the comic’s a good read.  It’s been around in it’s published form since Jan 2008, so there’s a decent amount to go through, and the story’s still fresh and going strong.  Whether you were around in the 1970s yourself or just wish you were, 1977 is certainly worth a look.

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  • Thank you for your review! I appreciate what you’ve pulled from the comic.

    I put in a few rather surreal events in the comic, like Bud transforming into a girl, that reminds us all this is a comic and like the Road Runner cartoons, sometimes its funny when we break some laws. I also do those elements as a (small) reminder that the era was also about NOT conforming and being free-form. How else would you explain leisure suits and disco?

    Rock on, man!

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