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Bye-Bi Channel



  • New AoD up tonight – weighing in on the SciFi/SyFy drama –

  • So true. The destructive of an American tradition. Where are the Cylons when you need them?

  • Or, as my roommate and I have often commented, "Why did they cancel MST3K, and replace it with a bunch of crappy movies that would only be watchable if they were ON MST3K?".

  • I dunno… occasionally they'll have one that's really funny by itself… Piñata Island was about a blood-sucking demon piñata attacking an island full of drunk college students… and it had Harry Kim from Voyager as an extra and starred Xander from Buffy…. the real one, not his twin brother. I think it was the real one, anyway. That one was sorta watchable.

    Or the one with Bruce Campbell and the blond one from Xena as astronauts that came back from a deep space mission to discover that giant alien termites had taken over Earth. No, I'm not kidding.

  • Well, anything with Bruce Campbell in it is rendered at least watchable merely by his presence. Because, as noted in "My Name Is Bruce", he is the greatest actor of our generation. :)

    Most Sci-Fi movies are great for MST-ing on your own, though. Ever see "Kaw"? The continuity errors alone…

  • For the love of God, keep writing these aretclis.

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