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AOD Origins: Archer of Discord (3x A Lady)

AoD OriginsCameoCrossoverMarkThe Archer

There’s a lot of cameos going on here…

Panel 1 – Alexis and Jeff from The Insanity of Xade stop long enough to realize that a great force of… something… has been unleashed…
Panel 2 – The News Guy (original form, this IS set in the past) from Slightly Off Topic files a report on the sudden outbreak of arrows sticking out of people.
Panel 3 – Delta reassures DeeDee (both from 2nd Shift) that they’re safe. Also, Bob from I’m Not Bob makes the mistake of thinking anyone at Copy King actually WORKS.
Panel 4 – Martin and Amuletts of Epic Fail contemplate the risk-cost ratio of trying to locate the mysterious Archer

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