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1-year Anniversiary Contest and More!

The Apple of Discord technically began sometime in mid-March of 2008, but since the “official” start date listed on Page Uno is April 1st (what more fitting a first day than April Fool’s Day, anyway?) I think that’s when we’re going with. 

In celebration of our rapidly approaching 1-year anniversiary, I’m holding open submissions for… well, honestly… anything that people want to send me.  Fan art, filler comics, a video of you dancin’ like a moron… it’s all fair game.  Submissions will be open through March 28th, with all your fan works being featured during the 1-week aniversiary (while I take a week off and go traumatize some politicians in Washington D.C.). 

Anything you send, no matter how bad, will go up in the gallery under a special Anniversiary section… the top six choices will go to the front page that week (no 7th, have something special planned for the 1st).  On top of getting featured on the front page of AoD and seen by it’s hundreds… well, ok, tens… of readers and your link forever etched in my archives, we’ll take votes all week and the top three entrants that go up on the front page will receive:

  • Third Prize:  A comic-on-demand voucher for my services – I can attack a topic of your choosing here on AoD, do a filler comic for your comic (if you have one), or do a piece of commissioned “art”.
  • Second Prize:  A signed copy of all 3 year-1 Apple of Discord print comics (see more details below), my extremely limited-run print version of the comic collecting the best of Year 1.
  • First Prize: A brand-new does-n0t-actually-exist-yet Apple of Discord shirt of your choosing in the size of your choosing (none of this “One Size fits Most crap – you want 5xlt, I’ll find a way to make it happen). 

Email your entries to and remember, cut-off is Saturday, March 28th. 

Additionally, as the prizes mention, I’m going to have a store with some stuff up in the next couple months.  Currently we’ve got a Gayzilla and a Love Triangle shirt underway (and hopefully will have pictures soon), but there may be a third or even a fourth design depending on how well these sell. 

Also, the AoD Year One collection… it’s going to run for 3 comics, and these are actual buy-them-in-a-comic-book-store sized comics.  The collection is divided up into three branches:

  • Cinematic For The People – Featuring movie and television parodies, including the collected Gayzilla comics
  • Bite Me – Featuring the recurring cast of Art, Leaf, Horn, Doc Hubris, and friends, as well as a few of the choice recurring bits, like the Love Triangle
  • The Best Not-The-Worst Of – Featuring the political, topical, and webcomic-centric comics, including the collected “How Not To” segments


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