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The Fox in the Dollhouse



  • Well, there's always…

  • Sad but true. I've recorded the episodes, but haven't been able to force myself to watch any yet.

  • That reminds me… I was PISSED when they did that to Dark Angel. They moved it to the time slot that the major demographic for the show would be out partying. *Grumble grumble grumble*

  • A couple of important notes… this was actually originally about Lie to Me, which I absolutely love and which (hopefully) they won't cancel because it's basically another House… and who doesn't need more House? I know I do.

    The basic premise of the original comic was the same, that (Good Show) + (FOX Network) = (Probable Huge Disappointment) and that Steve doesn't know this because the last two shows he remembers premiering on FOX were X-Files (which did fantastic) and The Adventures of Brisco Co. Junior, which at least managed to finish out an entire season before Bruce Campbell wandered off.

    While writing this with the original concept, I looked up Brisco Co just to make sure it was something Steve could even have seen before slipping into his coma in 1993… and I read about the infamous FOX "Friday Night Death Slot", where they put a show that is certain to (or that they want to) die a horrible death.

    Then I looked at the current schedule… and *boom*. That's why the 5th panel is just wall-o-text… there just wasn't room for it in the picture. If you look carefully, you can still see the stunned Art drawing I did underneath the text left over from comic version 1.0.

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