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Review'd – Choice Comics

One last volley in Frumph’s war before it ends tonight… I got reviewed a few days ago by Tiana/Metrius, a fellow Choice Reviewer at Wade The Fade’s Here’s her (mostly positive) review.

Apple of Discord has exactly what it says… Discord. It has a banner randomizer for its logo, one of which has the letters jumbled up. It is occasionally cameo happy. The repeat characters include Gayzilla and some magical creatures from some other realm, though it appears to be set on Earth and includes all sorts of video game jokes.

It sacrifices real continuity for jokes, and that’s where it has to be strong. Unfortunately, as the comic is chaotic, the jokes can range from hysterical to meh–they’re certainly not for everyone. Sometimes you get geeky jokes, sometimes you get ‘trying to incite the rage of the Twilight crowd’, sometimes you get gay jokes, sometimes you sort of raise your eyebrows and look around for the garlic and holy water while backing away very slowly…

Apple of Discord isn’t a comic that’s pretending to make sense. It knows exactly what it is, and it does what it promises. It gives a dose of lulz, and though it has repeat characters, it doesn’t sacrifice funny for logic. In general, the art is a consistantly simple style, clean and colorful. However, even its art doesn’t pretend to be consistant. It wouldn’t be “The Apple of Discord”, after all, if it was the same thing week after week…

And that’s what AoD shines strong. You can’t predict what you’re going to get. Sometimes the jokes are sidesplittingly hysterical… sometimes they’re a bit off… sometimes they’re a bit weird… sometimes they’re nerdy. Sometimes the art is just a bit different. It’s experimental, both in writing and art. Though there is a level of consistancy in its simple style, AoD isn’t afraid to experiment.

It’s a brutal shot of random, without being PIE random all the time. You get to know some of the characters, and they do develop over the course of the comic. It runs recognizable series sometimes, including a few Webcomic How Not To strips and geek jokes.

It’s not a comic for someone looking for the consistancy of say, Penny Arcade. Its jokes are not always the same topic. Its characters are not always the same. Its art is not always the same style. It’s experimental, and that’s why it works–it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

We’re promised discord, and we get it. The art is solid, even while experimenting, and though not all of the jokes will be hysterical to everyone, it has an appealing factor that’ll draw you back to it, if just to see what happens next.

If you want a whole lot of different types of funny, Apple of Discord is for you. It works to read through it, due to return characters and storylines, and it also works to just jump in and read a comic or two on your lunchbreak.

In short, AoD is a fun comic. It’s like a gumball machine. You don’t know what color of gumball you’re going to get. It might be bright pink, or blue, or yellow, or green, or the gold foil covered one that if you turn it in, you’ll get a free chocolate bar from the store. Nearly everyone could probably find at least ONE of the comics in Apple of Discord funny–it just might be finding that one comic. It’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy seeing just what you’re going to get, check out Apple of Discord.

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