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Help A Fellow Webcomicker Out

I’m a big beliver in the webcomic community as a whole – I think that we’re much stronger working together than we are working against one another… and that’s why when I saw this, I had to throw out a call to arms.

I don’t know her personally, but I just learned via twitter that Karen of Planet Karen is in a pretty bad situation… her house burnt down, and most of her stuff is trashed.  Her last comic update had to be assembled from “three different computers around the city”.  She isn’t formally asking for donations, but I imagine some would probably do a world of good right now.  

As an extra “do the right thing” bonus, if you donate to her and send me the receipt (please strip out all the personal credit-card bits) along with a screen resolution of choice, I’ll send you a never-before-seen Apple of Discord wallpaper.

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