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PenguinCon and Panels

I’m going to be attending my first ever not-as-just-a-convention-goer convention in May!  The con is PenguiCon, a Linux/opensource/scifi convention that has, amongst it’s other awesome features, a fairly a strong webcomic track being run by Dave of Slightly Off Topic

It also looks like it’ll be OnyxSparrow’s official launch of the WAGON Card Game, of which AoD is going to be part of the next set, so there’s going to be all sorts of awesome going on in one venue.

They’ve already got a number of good-sounding panels that I’ve offered my services to, but I noticed that they were lacking a “Webcomicking 101″ panel, which is usually a standard feature of such arrangements. 

After talking to the Powers-What-Be, I had an idea… would anybody be interested in seeing the “How NOT To…” series in presentation form, as a panel lecture sort of thing wherein I go over some of the common mistakes people make when first starting out a webcomic?  Just a funny, tongue-in-cheek sort of review of some of the bigger blunders, like “If you’ve only got two comics, don’t start making t-shirts yet.  Especially don’t spend $400 on having t-shirts made.”  and “Less than a month into a comic is not the best time to take a six-month Hiatus.”  So… what do you think?  Would this be of interest to anybody?

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