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Operation: Superfly

I’m pregnant.

Ok, I’m not pregnant.  But my wife is.

I was holding off on sharing the news with anyone until we had firm confirmation that there was, in fact, a baby and that it was looking healthy.  Well, just got back from the hospital where we had an ultrasound done, and…

I’ve got a sqiggle!  Yay!

As to the post title, many years ago we were joking about what to call our future child… and taking a cue from Weird Al’s “Albuquerque”, I said that if we were going to have twins, we should totally name them Nathaniel and Superfly.  This lead to a long discussion about the merits and horrors of naming a child Superfly, complete with pointing out how the torturous children on the playground would be hard pressed to come up with anything that they could change the name Superfly to in order to torment said child, and some comparisons (both favorable and not) to the “A Boy Named Sue” song.

So… ever since, and probably for some time to come (much to her parent’s dismay), the baby is to be known as Superfly.

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