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Legume Fabaceae

ParodyRuined Childhood Memories


  • I guess this explains Charlie Brown's 50 years of torture! LOL

  • They never listen to the full deal, they never do….

  • Wah wahn wahwan wah wahn…

  • This is kind of my answer to the old Gilligan's Island legend… the one where each of the characters on the island represent one of the Deadly Sins (Professor – Pride, Ginger – Lust, MaryAnne – Envy, Mr. Howell – Greed, Mrs. Howell – Sloth)

    The problem with this is that, despite there being 7 principal cast members, The Skipper covers both Anger and Sloth, whereas none of these sins really apply to Gilligan himself… so that means, to a number of people, that Gilligan himself may be the Devil (he does wear a red shirt), after all. If you think about the number of times they *nearly* escape the island, just to have defeat snatched from the jaws of victory by Gilligan on "accident", there is a certain correlation.

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