The Apple of Discord is taking a break while I come up with new and
interesting stuff. In the meantime, I STRONGLY recommend you check out my
Fantasy Parody Epic, Apple Valley and my brand new 5-day a week humorous
expose of the dark underbelly of the Webcomic world, Webcomic Hell.


In case you didn’t notice, I’ve been moving a few things around here and there, trying to get rid of some of the “page clutter” I’ve accumulated since switching to WordPress a few months back.  I’ve gotten rid of some of the more redundant features, like the “Most Recent Comics” widget or the “Most Popular Comics” thing… yes, i know everyone loves the bloody triangle.

I’ve also made an important upgrade, if you will – I switched out WordPress’s built in Comments system for something called IntenseDebate.  It should work, at it’s most basic function, the same way the old WP comments did, but it allows some other neat functions like using OpenIDs, a points ranking system, support of a much cleaner threading system than WP’s new threaded comments did… and I think it looks sorta looks better too.

So, as usual, if it turns out I broke something, please let me know.  Otherwise, happy commenting.

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