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  • Hello Adam! I wish you all the best for the upcoming WAR! at! May the best one win! Without much doubt I will not be the lucky one: We Germans are only got at playing soccer… Well, at last my photographed superheroes will start their training lessons in the next Episode of Union of Heroes (…Concerning your good wishes towards your soon-to-be president: You can not imagine, how much these wishes are shared here in Germany! Well, they are shared really a lot! And when I say "a lot" I mean like… a hell of a lot! Best regards from Dortmund, Germany! thirtyseven

  • Much appreciated. I hate to be too harsh on Bush, which is why I went the "Yay Obama" route instead of the "Goodbye Bush" route. I do feel that Dubya was handed an unfair deck… in the beginning, anyway. But say what he may want about his legacy bearing out, I don't think there's ever been a new president coming into office that's been celebrated – actually celebrated – the way Obama is being.

  • Good comic. I think we all have quite a bit of hope placed on Barrack that we'll see this country start moving in a new and better direction. We can only hope that his promises and talks on that matter are genuine and we can see that from the onset.

    By the way, good luck in the Promotional War.

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