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Help me Roll a new Character

I’m a big fan of giving power to the people.  As the author of this webcomic, I do it mostly for you, those of you who’ve accidentally clicked on this blog post thinking it was a comic. 

It’s been a while since I’ve added a new character for keeps – I test-ran an AoD version of Jenny Everywhere during the “Apple of Chaos” storyarc, but much as I do like the idea of her character, outside of a story arc she’s sort of… useless… for the normal gag-a-comic style that we maintain under normal circuimstances.  I’ve got a lot of characters in mind that I could potentially either create or promote from obscurity to the status of Main Character. 

Too many, actually, for me to decide.   So… I’ll tell you what I’m going to do:

I’m going to let you, the readers, pick.

The first round of voting (starting now) will be on some fairly standard character attributes: Sex, Allignment, Race, Class.  Voting on these will be open until January 31st.  After that round is completed, I’ll write up bios and generate some “rough” designs of the new character, which you’ll get to vote on again.

I also admit this… like any real election, the poll is rigged.  You can vote every two hours. 

Now, here’s the awesome part, and why I’m calling it a Contest:

  • One person will be chosen at random (method to be determined) to help name the newly created character and provide input on their debut comic.
  • The new character will then be added to the AoD Cast Page (along with the winner’s name and website) for all to see.
  • Assuming the winner has their own webcomic, I’ll take down the Project Wonderful tower ad for the entire month of March and donate that space to them.  (If they don’t, they can pick who I do advertise there).

So, with no further adieu… GO TO THE POLLS!

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