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Have a _______ Solstice

A few years ago, some pagan-leaning friends of mine and I were having an academic discussion about the merits of the various seasonal holidays and their comparative customs.  (This was before we got cable, obviously, otherwise we probably would’ve been watching Law and Order instead.)

One thing about the various holidays has always bothered me… there’s no really well established greeting for Solstice.  I mean, Christmas practically owns Merry.  Happy and Hanukkah go together well, because everybody likes alliteration.   (In all fairness, Happy’s a bit of a greeting slut, though, because it still regularly attaches itself to Birthday and New Year, and even occasionally Christmas)  Kwanzaa, being the late comer to the game, was single for a long time before it hooked up with Joyous – and it seems to be working out for both of them fairly well. 

Which leaves Solstice… still alone, after all these years.  Perhaps it’s because Solstice is (arguably) the oldest… or maybe it’s those who insist on calling it “Winter Solstice”.  Then again, maybe it’s because Solstice is just really hard to match up.  Happy (which tries to go with almost everything) sort of works, but Solstice’s got a little too much self respect to be seen strutting around the season with Happy on it’s arm.  Merry could never leave Christmas, and even if it did I doubt anybody would really believe they were together.  Joyous and Solstice just don’t fit… they’ve both got that strong “ace/us” at the end when pronounced, so putting them together would be sort of like dating your cousin.

Going outside the standard Holiday Greeting box, you’ve got some odd bedfellows as well.  Cheerful sounds nice, but by choosing it you also wind up dragging around Cheery, it’s developmentally disabled sister.  Awesome is far too… masculine to be paired up with any holiday.  Radical is still holding out for Rosh Hashanah to notice it, and (let’s face it) has been since the 80′s.

Which leads to my suggestion.  Bitchin’.  Granted, it’s not a conventional greeting, but Solstice isn’t a conventional Holiday either.  Bitchin’ is probably considered a bit too powerful for a normal holiday greeting, but then again it might shore up and garner a little more respect for the oft-trod-upon Solstice.  Plus, the two of them just look… good together. 

Bitchin’ Solstace.

Bitchin’ Solstace. 

See, isn’t that nice?


  • How about just… Good. Have a good Solstice. It’s sounds like Good Soul, so they work conceptually. Of course if we were all brittish we could say ‘have a smashing Solstice’ but that would be silly.

  • I’ve always used Blessed (two syllables). I find that it sounds really good together. Blessed Solstice. Blessed Yule. It pretty much works for other pagan holidays, too. Blessed Imbolg. Blessed Samhain

  • I suppose that’s a viable option… it doesn’t have the awesomeness of ‘bitchin’, but it does have a bit more reverence to it, and I like the flow.

    Then again, I was a terrible Pagan, so I’ll probably stick to bitchin’ for personal use.

  • I’d say Bitchin’

    Good is too easy.
    Bles-sed is too…. religiousy.

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