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"Now you must fight us both!"

I’ve admitted before… I have a bit of a 4chan problem.  I’ve restricted myself to only going on Caturday mornings, and mostly to look at the aforementioned cats… sometimes to even contribute… but while I was there today, I ran across a classic that I had to share with the rest of the class.

World War 2 : Special Edition

World War 2 : Special Edition

There were a lot of essays that were posted, from an epic 6-page-long paper that was written on the pretense that Mark Twain wrote Lord of The Flies and that it has a “Special Edition” ending where nobody (almost nobody) dies and instead it breaks out into an orgy until the feds show up and v& everybody to a five page long piece of art on Oedipus – the guy punched holes on both sides of the paper, used different sizes and colors of paper, and constantly disclaimered himself using ( and ) to mark off statements as true, false, or “don’t worry about it”.  

There was a clear-cut winner, however… reposted here for truth and justice.  Sometimes, a thing is just too special to let past, even if it is old.  The sheer genius of this kid, whoever he was, deserves to be honored and respected throughout the halls of Wiseass Hall of Fame.

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