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I miss good old fashioned conventions.  I used to be a conrat (when I wasn’t being a mallrat) back in ‘the day’ (translation: I’m getting old), and I miss the thrill and joy of going to a convention… sitting in video rooms, walking the dealers room, going and hanging out in Artist’s Alley and looking at all the other people who actually had talent… and Anime Hell, Midnight Madness, and all the other wacky late-night video programming they used to do in a desperate bid to keep people like me awake, since we hadn’t actually paid for a hotel room or anything useful like that.

What I REALLY need to do is to find a local convention that is… how can I put this delicately… small.  Like, tiny.  Small enough that I, humble webcomic artist with almost no fame or renound whatsoever might be considered a “guest” instead of a “crazy hobo who showed up and is talking about neon pink homosexual dinosaurs”.  Something where I could have a panel on Webcomicking 101, and teach people that you don’t have to be able to draw to be able to make comics, although it does help.  Some.

So… consider this my resumè.  If you’ve got a convention, or know of a convention, that could use an embittered sarcastic webcomic artist (and it’s hopefully within about 4 hours drive of Southwestern Ohio) then I’m your man.  What type of con?  I don’t care.  Scifi, anime, gaming… hell, want me to come to a furry con?  I can draw furries.  

I draw furries all the time.  For serious.

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