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March of the Flying Rat Bat Monkey Possums

I am now the proud owner of three flying rat-monkeys… I’m being told the official name for them is “Sugar Gliders”. A friend of a friend of Mrs. Kallisti’s mother used to breed them, and these were the last ones she had when she decided to quit. We have Peek (the daddy), Boo (the mommy), and Untitled_Baby_Project (their daughter), whom we have code-named ‘Deathscream’.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the little things… however I promise that owning them will not turn me into the blathering moron that Sugar Glider ownership seems to bring out in most people. I will not call them “suggies” or “shuggies”, will not berate people for not taking proper care of their bat-possums, and will do my best not to sound like a 80-year-old house-bound catlady.

I reserve the right to post pictures, however, especially cute ones… possibly lolcatified.


  • Good luck with that. I am a rock n roll mama who bemoans that the one language I can't & don't want to speak is "girl". I'm also the proud new friend of A 1&1/2 year old femAle glider coco. Can't change the name. The charming ( won't sAy cute) little eager to please creAture already knows it. We shAll keep each other strong not descending into catlady oochiecoo tough tho with burly truck drivers swaning about the sugies on their visors & bikers about the ones in their leathers on the way to surgis
    Valiantly forth

  • Thanks for your support. They’re amazingly cute, and I understand why they reduce the vocal intelligence of most adult humans drastically, especially when they look at you with those big round eyes and… and then they pee on you, and the effect is lost (at least on me).

    Pictures coming soon.

  • i don't know she's peed on my filmaker/biker guy [which i was dreadng] and he became smitten. kinda handy tho since it kills the moment for me. no babytalk tho. she likes rockin music and blues & is starting her life with me on the road happily. pix ad video to follow
    miss d

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