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Director's Cuts – Doctor Hubris Goes to the Science Fair

Sometimes, when making a webcomic, I’ll do a joke or draw a panel that, when I’m done, I’ll decide might not have been the best idea. It’s still perfectly good and probably could go up without any further fussing, but I know you can do better, so it’s back to the drawing board, both figuratively and literally in many cases.

I’ve decideded that when the original is good enough (but maybe not great) and turned out significantly differently from the final product, I’m going to post the proto-comics here as extra special bonuses to you loyal blog readers. This is the original form of the comic from Monday…

As you might notice, the text in the fourth box is decidedly different than it wound up being. While this text actually makes a lot more sense in the terms of the comic itself and what you’re seeing, I’m not a big fan of self-ref humor. It’s something you either have to go with from the very beginning, or not at all… I’ve slipped a few mentions in here or there, but nothing this big or blatant… so for the final version, I decided to play it straight instead. Enjoy.

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